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This site has been compiled as a source of information for the Pentax Auto 110 camera produced during 1979 and 1985. This camera was the Asahi Optical Company’s legendary, but brief, foray into the miniature camera market which even included NASA as a Customer. 

This is an unofficial site, based on my own research, contributions, and has no connection with with the Asahi Optical Company or Pentax. Any observations, contributions, or corrections are very welcome.

110 film bites the dust. The last manufacturer of 110 film, produced the last batch in September 2009 so grab some while you can! Expiry dates are well into 2011 - longer if stored properly. I’ve listed stockists on the 110 Film page.

110 Disassembly Guide. Click here for a new page showing how to disassemble, and assemble, a Pentax110. Packed with detailed images, this guide was put together by Doncaster Pentax 110 collector Robert Spencer and kindly sent to the site. I’m hoping for a Super guide next...!

Information! Despite the 110 being 25 years out of production it has a great following and I always welcome any emails with info, news or just a chat! There are many Pentax110 collectors but also enthusiasts who regularly use them. If you have any gems of information on the Pentax110 world or need any help then let me know, I also have quite a few spare parts so if you need anything then I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks also to everyone who has allowed me to use their images - if I have inadvertently used any images for which I do not have permission then please let me know and it will be removed. Fancy a holiday?