The original winder was produced until around mid 1982. The revised winder, Winder II, was basically the same unit but with slightly reinforced battery clips. Both winders are universal for the 110 or 110 Super.

The early motor drives had a ribbed rubber grip.

The only poor piece of Pentax engineering is the two plastic clips that hold the battery cap onto the winder. The correct technique is to keep the retaining clip retracted while putting the cap back on instead of clipping it back as suggested by the manual. If the cap is clipped back on the two plastic lugs bend and quite often broke off at the base. No mention of this was ever made in the manuals so consequently the majority of used winders have broken clips. The Winder II revised the clips with a flange which gave some degree of strengthening.

Pentax claimed a feature of the winder is that it automatically advanced to the first frame on a new roll of film and after the last picture was taken it would wind the film out to the end of the roll. This is probably more by accident than design as 110 film did not have frame guide perforations at the start or end of the roll!


Replacement covers are now available. They fit the Winder I and Winder II and have reinforced plastic clips to reduce the potential of breaking

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