Produced from introduction in 1979 to around May 1980, these were the original 110’s. The only distinguishing mark is that the ASAHI on the front of the pentaprism is painted white and the two screws on the back of the pentaprism are of the panhead or slotted type.

The logic behind the Pentax serial number does not appear to be very straightforward. My collection do not have concurrently running numbers and it also appears that bodies and lenses are given serial numbers from the same sequence - that is a lens will never have the same number as a body. This theory is supported by boxed sets having serial numbers for lenses and the body that are close - but not sequential - to each other.

If anyone can shed any information on the serial numbers then please let me know! 

Serial numbers in my collection start at 1019162 and end at 1028039. But since my page was first online back in 2003 I have asked for serial numbers and in true competition form, the lowest serial number emailed in is from a Mr Kolbe in New York who emailed me in April 2009 with 1007722. 

Pentax decided to drop the Asahi link soon after the 110 came into production so the next identifiable set of Pentax 110’s are the “Panheads”.

An interesting bit of research from a UK contributor. The instruction booklet dated 9/80 has a doctored White Asahi on the cover to make it black. On page 10 the serial number is 10044*1 making it the earliest serial number so far found

Pentax dropped the “ASAHI” name over a number of years over the whole range, does anyone know why?