Repair Manuals

The repair manuals can now be downloaded here.

The downloads are available in MSWord (I used Word 2003) or PDF format. The quality of the Word document tends to be better but they are BIG!

The Auto 110 download is split into 3 parts, the repair section, a figures section, and a list of parts. The WinderI is small so I’ve put all parts into one document.

Now....these downloads are FREE, you normally have to pay to get these off EBAY or similar and I do recommend that if you want a good quality copy then that is what you do. 


Repair Manual - MS-Word (20Mb)

Repair Manual - PDF (1Mb)

Parts List - MS-Word (5Mb)

Parts List - PDF (0.3Mb)

Figures - MS-Word (3Mb)

Figures - PDF (0.1Mb)