There were a number of options to buy the Auto 110. Throughout the range the range had a distinctive red/white box design.

COMPLETE SET: In a large box with a shaped foam interior, this set had everything. Camera body, flash, winder, strap, 18mm lens, 24mm lens, 50mm lens, body cap, tripod adapter, 9 close up filters, 3 lens hoods and soft cases for flash and camera.

MAJOR COMPONENT SET: In a similar box to the snap set, this set consisted of the camera body, 18mm lens, 24mm lens, 50mm lens, flash, winder, strap, and soft cases for the camera and flash.

SNAP SET: In a hard cardboard box in a white sleeve this consisted of the camera body, 24mm lens, flash, strap,and cases for both camera and flash.

STANDARD: Consisted of the camera body and 24mm lens with a 2 piece foam interior.

It appears that the 110 Super was also available in the same kit layouts as the 110.

The Complete set differed from the 110 as two additional filters were included - the 37.5mm Skylight and UV. The foam insert for the camera and flash was moved slightly to make space for these filters.