Two flash units were produced, the AF130P and AF100P. 

The AF130P was the original unit and remained in production until the whole series ceased. The AF130P arrived in September 1980 to criticism that the AF130P was too large. The AF100P was neat and small but lacked the range of the AF130P.

The AF100P was not as popular as the AF130P and was never part of the sets so it is relatively scarce.

WARNING Old flashguns do fail. The charge for the strobe is held in a capacitor which with age will lose its ability to hold a charge. If you are looking to buy a flashgun then check it works by putting in a set of new batteries and power up - this is also good way to check the unit has not been left for years with leaky batteries! The red charge indicator should light up in less than 20 seconds. If it doesnt then its (another) dead flash. I have many!