Repair Manual: The Auto 110 and Winder I repair manuals have been scanned and available for download here.

Missing Flash Cover: This is not so much a fault but a problem with the 110’s in that the flash cover had to be removed to attached the flash. Although the flash units had a small slot to store the cover it is quite common to find the flash cover is missing.

Winder Battery Cover: The battery cover for the winder had two small plastic clips which held the cover in place. These clips were far too flimsy and as a result it is rare to find a winder with the battery cap complete with the clips. I had a new batch of winder covers manufactured with reinforced lugs back in 2003. Most have been sold and appear on Ebay sometimes. Drop me an email if you need one

Slipping Shutter: I found a web site that describes the problem and a fix that looks pretty straightforward. The fix is reproduced here.

Setting the camera to take 400ASA film: (Thanks to Neil Rabone for this). When the cameras were in production the 110 film cartridges had tabs that the camera could detect to set the meter either at 80ASA or 400ASA. As all 110 film cartridges are now the same, the camera will always assume the film is 80ASA which is not very useful if you have loaded the faster 400ASA film. A simple alteration can be made to the film cartridge to correct this as shown in the photo below. Trim the bottom half of the lip on the right hand side of the cassette (when looking from the back). This will prevent the cartridge pressing the micro-switch.